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About me.

Jan Jensen.

Born in Copenhagen, Diakonissestiftelsen 17. januar. 1957.

My first 7 years in the area nørrebro. 1½ years in stengade and next street Møllegade.
In 1965 we are moving for a nice department in the Northwest area.
Vestergårdvej, the only street in the area without a bird name.
I'll began in the school as 8 years old. The name of the school, Grøndalsvænget School.
After school time I'll began learning the classic way for playing the guitar.
A half time teaching every week. It's enough for a week. I mean the education time, ofcours.
You have to trainee by yourself.
She was a pretty good teacher, Asta Lundkvist. And I really thanks her alot.
She was hard but fair. I'll have to show my finger nails every time.
If I haven't cut my nail, the answer was, see you next week.
It was the same about the partitures for guitar. If I couldn’t what she
teach me from time to time. See you next week. She knows exactly what I could obtain.

When I was about 13 years old I tried smoking cannabis. It's change my way about the music.
I discovered Jimi Hendrix, Rithie Blacmore from Deep Purple,Jethro Tull and many others.
So I change from the acoustic to the electric guitars. On the other way.
I playing acoustic-electric today. Finger and plectra.

In 1971 a place called Christiania was born. A very nice area.
For me and many other people it was the best area for hippies as I and other.
I have played a lot of music back in the 80 teens in Christiania.
I was a part of a band called Flipmix, playing rock music.
Have playing in the Grey hall, Music Loppen, The Opera, Valmuen, etc.
We also made a demo tape in a demo studio called Pink Alice.
A studio own by one of the great rock band in Denmark called Gasolin.
Christiania is a part of my life, and will always be.

Will be continue